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radiohead to record new material soon

Publié le 29 Mars 2008 par F/.

Radiohead are to enter the studio to work on new material with producer Nigel Godrich.

Bassist Colin Greenwood confirmed that the band had booked studio time, but didn't elaborate on how far they are down the creative process.

Speaking to Pitchforkmedia.com, Greenwood said: "We're actually gonna be working with Nigel again soon - we've reserved time and we've got stuff we want to do.


"It's like having an old-school executive producer that's talking about the big picture and booking time to be creative."

As well as stating that the group are rehearsing 70 songs for their forthcoming world tour, Greenwood spoke about the band's recent listening habits, explaining: "Thom loves the Autechre record; I'm going through a Fleetwood Mac 'Tusk' and '71 'Greatest Hits' obsession."

The band are set to perform at two venues in Paris in June.
Both dates are sold out.
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